Saturday, December 6, 2008

I think I am lost in Etsy.  I Have had my first 2 online sales.  A big step for me.  I have sold my art in shops around Boston and Florida.  I am learning about online.  It's very different.  bricks and mortar are easy!  Traffic is the key.  How do you make traffic online?  I'm not sure.    My Etsy shop is have a peak.  I have been a member (shopper) for years.  I only started listing stuff last month (Nov.08).  


Dea said...

Hi Jodi! Your blog looks great for having just started.

Please don't get discouraged about Etsy. It takes a lot of time and effort but it really does pay off in the end. It would be a shame for the online world to lose an amazing artist like yourself.


jodi french paper arts said...

Thanks for the kind words Dea! I won't give up. I did not realize what a monster etsy had become, It's huge! i need to focus on some new listings i guess.