Monday, January 5, 2009

To my friends who buy/sell on the internet

Hi everyone,  I want to give a heads up to fellow internet junkies like myself.  Be careful, don't get lazy with your passwords.  Adding a few #'s to switch it up is not enough!  Make your passwords to EVERYTHING different.  I was ripped off by my paypal account using my info from twitter.  I never would have thought of twitter as a possible link to paypal.  Turns out people are gathering that info, then doing searches for other accounts.  Changing up a few #'s is not a problem for these people.  Remember too, security questions you make up yourself should not have yes or no answers.  They should have detailed answers.  I hope I have saved you an evening of phone calls canceling accounts, freezing and changing passwords etc..  Think like a secret agent! Assume any and all info about you is usable!  
Be smart,

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