Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yankee Barn Sale, Dublin, NH

Yankee Magazine, headquarters in our town, puts on a Barn Sale every year. I love this!!! The treasures today were numerous. I am sitting here thinking about running back for the vintage ball jars and lightning jars. Wait, maybe I should go back for those flower tins, the red paint was perfectly distressed.

Wanted to share some of my treasure- hand carved mother of pearl buttons for pennies! Gorgeous vintage glass pearls, freshwater pearls, and a few real cultivated pearl strands. I found some amazing vintage book plates.

The food is always good, and the people are so interesting.


J. Christina Huh said...

This sale sounds awesome!!!

It's been a while, how are you?

jodi french paper arts said...

Hi! It has been a while, I was moving and getting settled in. We now reside full time in NH. I wanted my son to do his high school years in a New England setting. (we are big fans of snowboarding)

J. Christina Huh said...

Oooooh... I love snowboarding, but I live in California. So... you know.

I'll have to check out my local Wal-Mart for that crepe paper you mentioned. I think I'm going up to SF for a bit soon and I know there's a store that sells duplex crepe paper up there. Will be stocking up for myself and maybe for the class I'm teaching, depending on the quality.

cewmont said...

what are you going to do with all those beautiful buttons?

jodi french paper arts said...

cewmont, I'm not sure. They reminded me of the "pearlies" in England in the 50's. They sew pearly buttons all over jackets, pants and hat. They shimmered and amazed me! Do you have any thoughts on the buttons?