Friday, March 12, 2010

All Things Nature, Botanicals and the Tides

I am truly a nature girl. I have always spent as many waking hours out of doors as possible. I have been blessed with a gypsy lifestyle that allows me to live in very diverse and dramatic natural settings. For some reason I always seem to be in the right place at the right time. I have seen manta rays 5 feet across, pods of killer whales, mother and baby manatees, an eagle swooping into a lake to grab a fish in it's talons. These are a few memories from the past years in Florida.

I currently live in the shadow of Monadnock, in a small village with a very European flavor. We have a gorgeous mountain lake and beautiful natural surroundings. The nature here is on a much gentler scale. I walk every morning around a trail called Boulder Run. I have seen fox, deer and bear. I am currently watching the world up here waking up from it's winter sleep... The first flickers of animal life were the little chipmunks. They are running around very busy. The sun is coming up a tiny bit earlier every day.

Happy Spring is on the way.


Magda said...

Your pendants are fantastic! Your mosaics ale beautiful too:) Greetings:)

jodi french paper arts said...

Thank you Magda. I am interested in your blog too.

we3 said...

what a lovely find! these pendants are really interesting - great blog!

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jodi french paper arts said...

Thank you we3. I am off to visit your blog. Scotland? I recently got a collection of sea pottery from Scotland.