Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Experiments, new skills

When I was little my Irish mother used summer as a time to teach us creative skills. Alternative learning. The arts were an every day part of life in our house. Someone was always making a dress or new summer top. I remember making kid suede rose barrettes. They would be perfect with romantic bohemian chic looks. My dad made me a bead loom and drove me to a bead supply house in Boston to purchase giant bags of glass seed beads. I still have those big coffee cans full of beads. I remember trips to Natick Mall to an incredible old school button shop called 'Windsor Button'. Learning new skills was a way of life.

I still view summer as the lazy days of experimentation. The pace of life changes... (not slowing down, just different) I find myself on road trips to towns and cities I don't usually get to during the busy school year. I find evenings filled with more down time, and no check lists of school work or projects that must be completed. I cherish those evenings and view them as my time. I am using my free time this week to try my hand at beadwork. I am working on turquoise suede and using my spare glass bead collection.

Any critiques, advice or helpful tips are welcome! I hope to finish this cuff bracelet by the weekend.


Rosie said...

Hi Jodi,
Your beadwork is really pretty!

Linguini-Nini said...

I found some mini-looms at a second-hand store in Stockholm. They were for textiles, not beads, but they brought back vivid memories of the bead loom that Dad built. How cool that was!

jodi french paper arts said...

i know, Mom and Dad always encouraged creative adventure. Oh, and diy!