Friday, September 17, 2010

A Winter Wedding

This Neck Piece is a prototype for a Winter Wedding I am working on. I dug deep into my vintage lace and pearls. I pulled out a box of vintage sequin appliques from Roth Imports. A treasure found in NYC at the Chelsea Flea Market. The box has all original packaging indicating 1092 as the date of origin. Tru 80's Glam.

The effect is very romantic and should be worn with a warm ecru strapless dress. The dress is planned to be very simple. No lace or beadwork. A simple beautiful silk shape. Inspired by vintage classic dresses.

I love being involved from the start. It gives me a chance to see down the road. This is going to be an elegant candle lit wedding. Warm and glowing.

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audreygeddes said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing this :}. You might also get some inspiration from expert designer Giulia Macchia's new book, "The "W" Day," which includes all kinds of themed weddings and recreations. I have found it to be very unique with fresh ideas.