Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sea Pottery from the coast of Scotland

This Sea Pottery was found on the coast of Scotland. I have about 2 lbs. of treasures to work with. I want to use them for pendants and mosaics. They all have been smoothed by the waves of the North Sea. The pottery shards come from shipwrecks and other fantastical events of the past. I love to hold them up to the light and imagine...


Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Jodi
what inventiveness to find those pieces and use them in such a way.
We were down on our beach recently , the tide was out ,but there was not a scerick of anything not even shells. that is strange isnt it.
Have fun

jodi french paper arts said...

city beaches are the best for seaglass, the pottery id more hit-or-miss. It takes relics from ship wrecks year and years to make it to shore. You also have to go to the beaches early in the season and early in the morning.