Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vintage Flowers, Heirloom Corsage

These flowers are over 40 years old. They are from Europe and travelled to this country with my mother when she came to start her family here in America. The flowers have been packed away carefully. I took them apart and stitched in layers. I added some vintage pearls into the center cups. The flowers were mounted onto vintage bias tape in soft pink.

The look is sweet and simple. The flowers have a true vintage feeling.


J. Christina Huh said...

Oh I love this. Thank you for sharing!

jodi french paper arts said...

This Heirloom Corsage is on it's way to Canada. I always wonder what happens after I pop something in the mail. Is it worn to a party? Does someone meet a new boyfriend while wearing it in her hair? When something is handmade, a lot of thought and touch goes into it. I remember stitching the item and thinking of how I would wear it.

J. Christina Huh said...

Yes I wonder this too! I mean, I know some are going towards weddings, but I wish those brides would send me photos!

sabahat said...

What a beautiful aesthetic sense. I wonder it could be mine. Flowers are my passion. Last time I worked at a local florist that send flowers to Japan. They Also use to offers such kind of artistry in their flower for usa
. It recalled me my older days of Flowers passion. Check it by your self.