Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Silver Gray Lilly Necklace

A statement necklace. Soft silver and gray lilly flowers are gathered around your neck. Hanging from a satin ribbon. This necklace was sold before it was made. trying to decide if I should make some for Etsy??


J. Christina Huh said...

I think you should. Your necklaces are gorgeous. A lot of statement necklaces are mostly metal chain+rhinestone focused. Yours are a pretty deviation from what's dominant out there.

And I wonder if you could also style it as a hair band too? You know, show how versatile it is. You can't necessarily do that with a necklace that's all chains and such, without major tangle issues.

jodi french paper arts said...

Your right! This was a request from a client. I need to make a more versatile piece.

Julie said...

That is one beautiful necklace. Very good job